I really like talking about this one because I feel it is so subtle and yet happens so frequently, much more than we are aware of. The most extreme and obvious are:. Scott Peck made these notes involving hundreds of case studies of people exhibiting evil behaviours, similar to those of the psychic vampires. Areas now with a raising number of prey wildlife, that else would be eaten but now due to the imbalance is starving and walking on our roads. The psychic vampire will also court the leader of a group and do everything it can to appear to be a positive influence upon the group until the leader seems to rely on the psychic vampire so much so that he or she cannot make any decisions without consulting it first. Dewey explains how she was able to shift the energy of a whole plane or bus through sending positive energy that connected people to their Highest Self.
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The Story of Real Vampires

It should be noted that there is no difference between a psi vampire and a psy vampire, other than the spelling. This weakens the man very much, and will shorten his life if he goes along, which many do, at least for a while. Others will say that each feeding method is a different form of feeding, hence different "types" of vampires. This is like the anti-vampire. Emotions for instance are vibrations on their own and like a sun flare can carry much energy. But also if trained a psi vampire can extend his energy form to reach for others, by things that can be seen like "tendrils". I really like talking about this one because I feel it is so subtle and yet happens so frequently, much more than we are aware of.
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Sexual Vampires

These main traits are:. Entities and vampirism. If you feel you are particularly vulnerable to the thoughts or actions of another then it is very important for you to act in your own defense, others can help you but you must make an effort as well. They are also sometimes troubled by other substance addictions for the same reasons, but since their systems are tuned to pranic energy more than to processing physical substance, they may not be as sensitive to drugs and alcohol as an ordinary person would be. Some vampires become maniacally cheerful when they are satiated, but even their good moods seem to annoy others, and it is more typical for vampires to be infamous as wet blankets. Though typically the first seems to be more common.
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Unfortunately psychic vampires generally do not or are not able to recognise or realise these traits within themselves. The trick is to move energy down the front of your body quite forcefully all of the time. Be extremely careful about getting involved with others in business, churches, friendships and especially intimate relationships. This happens often during sex, and even more so during a rape. The hunt for a woman is a cover up for an emotional illness. Contrary to the image of the vampire as thin, many real vampires are troubled by obesity because of a hunger that makes them food addicts, and a system that is sluggish in processing physical food. Vampirism is generally less in America and in Europe than in nations ruled by dictators, kings, queens, or military juntas.
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Energy life sexual vampire

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